11th Step


white flower candle rockIf you’re in a 12-step program, you undoubtedly know the recovering addict takes up prayer and meditation in the 11th step. In 12X12, it says that prayer and meditation are the principal means by which we make conscious contact with God.

Self-examination is directly linked to meditation and prayer. Either practice brings relief and benefit. But when they are practiced together, the result is a firm foundation for awareness. In fact, practitioners are often granted a glimpse of that ultimate reality which is God’s kingdom. But first of all we all want sunlight because nothing much grows in the dark. The 1212 says this: “Meditation is our step out into the sun. How, then, shall we meditate?”

Most of us raised in a Judeo-Christian culture know at least something about prayer, but we’re generally baffled by meditation. We have exotic notions about hermits in caves, or we’ve seen a monk with his shaved head, or a pretty girl sitting serenely in a lotus posture on a magazine cover.

Somewhere in all this, meditation got defined as clearing your mind of thoughts. This is a misunderstanding of what meditation is.

Your mind thinks—that’s its function

If you’ve tried to empty your mind, you know instinctively you’ll never turn off the fire hose of thoughts that arises whenever you try to shut off your mind. As a result of that experience, maybe you decided you can’t meditate.

Practice is the key

In The Meditation Course (TMC), we don’t ask you to plug that fire hose. We explain what you actually do in the very first lesson, which you can download for free in the next paragraph. But before you do that, there is something equally important for you to know – no matter the technique, it is the practice of meditation that changes your life forever. And it is our focus on practice that distinguishes our course from other meditation programs. TMC is not about monkish discipline or high-falutin states of consciousness. It is about learning what you are thinking. We call it “thought-watching.”

Simple is inviting

There is no “should” in what we do; in The Meditation Course, we make meditation into a “get-to.” Our benefit-focused program invites you to practice, and that allows you to progress in the 11th Step. The method we have developed is simple, easy to do and effective – the only variable is you. Click here for a free sample of Lesson 1

28 lessons delivered in audio and print formats

We make it easy to succeed. Here’s how it works: Every day for a month, you receive an email with a link to an audio file and a print file of a short lesson. Each lesson is followed by a 5-minute meditation the first week, 10 minutes the second week, 15 minutes the third, and 20 minutes the fourth.

Overcome your resistance to a new practice

Your lessons are built around simple metaphors that allow you to easily grasp the ephemeral nature of contemplation. We’ve taught thousands of people to meditate, so we’ve heard every excuse and we know how to neutralize them. We are experts at overcoming the ego’s resistance, and we have put that expertise into the design of this program.

12-Steppers excel at this practice

You have accomplished profound changes on your journey to this point because you have remained committed to your 12-Step Program. If you will give yourself to this 28-day process with that same commitment, you will experience remarkable changes. Many people in recovery have taken our in-person meditation classes since 2001, in addition to the recovery groups we have taught. People in recovery benefit immediately from this practice because (1) you understand the value of introspection and (2) you’ve done the hard work. And the object of that hard work is always the same – to improve our conscious contact with God, with His grace, wisdom and love. Plus it is intensely practical because it produces emotional balance. Through meditation we can broaden and deepen the channel between ourselves and God as we understand Him.

Please read the testimonials from Barbara and Trina at the bottom of this page.

The world’s easiest meditation method

The Meditation Course is as easy a meditation method as you’re ever likely to find. This practical, hands-on training invites you to participate. Why? Because all you’re asked to do is to relax and watch your thoughts.  At first you may not be very good at that – that’s why you’re taking a course.

But really The Meditation Course is so simple – if you can sit down and close your eyes for a few minutes, you can do this. When you observe your mind in this way over time, the result is profound awareness. “We are no longer lost and frightened and purposeless.” And the more you practice, the greater your self-awareness. It never levels off, it can always be further developed and you just keep expanding. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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