About Linda & Jon


Linda and Jon have more than 50 years of daily meditation practice between them and have been teaching meditation for a decade.


My religious roots started in a Southern Baptist church, where my Mother taught Sunday school and vacation Bible school. I was memorizing Bible verses before I could read, albeit with little understanding. I was exposed to many religious beliefs by the time I turned 18: lots of Jewish friends, a Catholic uncle, a Christian Science grandmother and uncle and a couple of glamorous free-thinking, incense-burning aunts. I loved incense!

Church activities provided a rich and satisfying social structure that included choir, plays, summer camp and lots of giggling during Sunday services. By my teens, troublesome questions grew about my church’s views on eternal damnation, Biblical inerrancy, separate churches for blacks and whites, and the exclusion of millions of “non-believers” from salvation.

One night I heard a man named Alan Watts being interviewed on the radio. He was talking about something called Zen Buddhism. The series with Allen Watts opened my mind to a new world of ideas, a different spiritual perspective, without making others wrong. This inclusiveness appealed to my intellect and I slowly moved from dogma to searching for answers. I was 18.

Seventeen years later, I took up Transcendental Meditation in October 1975. At 35 I began a daily meditation practice. Meditation unlocked my mystical nature. Over the next 20 years, I explored Eastern and mystical traditions, taking numerous initiations. Each promised exalted states, but none delivered for me.

Despite some big price tags and my studious obedience to the rules of form and technique, I got up from meditation morning and evening with the thought, “I didn’t get there. I didn’t do it right.”

When Jon and I began the practice we teach in Unleash Your Inner Genius, our lives changed so profoundly that people started asking what we were doing. That’s when we put together our course with its unique curriculum. What I have discovered in 36 years of meditating every day is this – simpler is better because it’s more relaxing, and thus more inviting. That makes it easier to overcome our natural resistance to doing something every day, and it is the every-day-ness of meditation that changes your life forever. Inconsistent practice produces inconsistent results.


I am the son of a Methodist minister father and a mystic mother. Like Linda I was a spiritual dabbler in my youth – to the point of mystical experiences on the desert and two years of theology school to try to figure them out. I figured out you can’t really “figure out” those kinds of experiences, but they had motivated me to leave law school and change the direction of my life. The ecstatic poets Rumi and Kabir were my mentors.

Then I married Linda, and we began a fascinating conversation about the intersection of consciousness and conditioning. Throughout the 80s, she dragged me to every self-improvement seminar that had a marketing department. I would try to run my life on the principles each taught, but before long it was the same ol’ same ol’.

Then we found A Course in Miracles in 1992 after a health crisis. That’s when I learned that there are no idle thoughts and started meditating. Later we found a guru or two and took initiations in more and more complicated techniques.

We had left one of these groups when some higher power introduced us to the method we teach. That’s when daily meditation became a get-to and life changed dramatically. I know from personal experience that the thought-watching meditation we teach produces a fundamentally different result than other types of meditation. It allowed me to discover what I was thinking, which was the first step in changing my conditioning and improving my life. Meditation does something unique.

We have been married since 1982 and have sat in meditation together every day this century. Our chief discovery out of that practice and our ongoing conversation about consciousness is this – to have peace of mind, you must make peace with your mind, and to do that, you have to know what’s in there. Unleash Your Inner Genius is a really simple and relaxing way to gain insight into your sub-conscious mind and free yourself of your conditioning.