Here’s how The Meditation Course will improve your life.

#1 – The Meditation Course is easy, easy, easy.

We’ve taught meditation for almost 15 years, and this is what our students have taught us:

Complication and seriousness generate resistance. It’s hard for beginners to overcome their  initial resistance because they haven’t experienced the benefits. Our simple method makes it easy to succeed from the beginning.

Before we started teaching, we spent thousands of hours (and dollars) on meditation training  and initiations, enduring years of serious instruction and indoctrination. We did all that in the belief that a more complex and time consuming meditation practice would be repaid with peace, enlightenment and understanding.

That is not what complication and more time produced. Complicated breathing techniques produced irritation, and the huge time commitment – a minimum of 45 minutes twice a day – produced stress and resistance. Meditation was not inviting because it wasn’t fun.

Why does this matter to you?

We found that for most people, simpler is better because it makes it easy to succeed. Meditation is great, but it is the daily practice of meditation that improves your life. The Meditation Course might not be adequate training if you want to become a monk or mystic.

If you are aiming at something less transcendental, like lower blood pressure, peace of mind, reducing workplace stress or a good night’s sleep, The Meditation Course will get you there.

…and it will also produce the benefits below.

#2 – The Meditation Course is completely western and easy to understand.

You don’t have to learn a foreign language or new spiritual paradigm to succeed. Nor do you have to change your name or your diet … or follow someone who has. You don’t have to obey a guru or adopt a scripture.

Our program uses a completely western paradigm of the mind. We can’t promise exalted states of consciousness, but we can promise that you will calm down so you can hear the still, small voice inside you.

The Meditation Course is easy to understand because we focus on simple metaphors, not harsh discipline. We treat you like an adult, not like a spiritual athlete being trained for life in the monastery. We want you to succeed, not prove your meditation mettle.

#3 – You don’t have to wrestle your mind.

Have you tried to empty your mind of thoughts? If you have, you know how aggravating it is. That’s because it’s impossible: You can’t stop your mind from thinking.

You may be able to trance yourself out with a mantra or breath work, but you can’t stop your thoughts. And trying to just puts you in a wrestling match with your mind you can’t win. It’s why most new meditators stop before they get enough practice to experience a difference.

With The Meditation Course we teach you how to observe your thoughts, which is infinitely more relaxing and rewarding and possible. Through this practice, you discover what you are thinking and begin to change it.

This simple reframe – from thought stopping to thought watching – was the biggest shift that we experienced in our combined 55 years of meditation practice. It has proven potent for our students during the past 15 years of teaching The Meditation Course.

#4 – Practicing The Meditation Course stops negative self-talk.

Do you live with a berating voice telling you that you’re fat, ugly, stupid, inadequate and behind schedule? That voice is the primary reason people are so stressed out. It’s impossible to relax in the face of unrelenting, whining criticism. Use our program and learn to become the sovereign of your mental kingdom…and shut up that bitch voice forever!

#5 – The Meditation Course is eminently practical.

With this practice, you learn to detach from your negative conditioning, releasing you from all the crap that brings into your life. The result is that you will be more present in your life. As a consequence you will experience more satisfaction with your circumstances. You will be happy. You will love your life!

#6 – You become more creative.

As you practice, creative solutions appear in your mind daily. Of course, genius-level solutions save you an enormous amount of time, while they enhance your quality of life. You will unleash your inner genius.

#7 – You become an expert at relaxing.

Just like any other skill, relaxation improves with practice. We make it easy to relax because our method is so simple. As you practice relaxing, you will undoubtedly discover that you are actually pretty good at it and really like it. Soon you may have normal blood pressure, and you literally have to do nothing to achieve that result.

#8 – You look younger.

When you relax, your face changes. Just being joyful takes 5-10 years off your face. It’s like spiritual BOTOX! Your demeanor changes so much that your friends will all want to know if you’ve lost weight or gotten a new hair dresser.

#9 – Through The Meditation Course you discover peace of mind.

Nothing improves your life like peace of mind. Imagine not beating yourself up for mistakes and misunderstandings. Imagine self-talk that caresses your essence! That’s what happens when you take up this simple practice.

#10 – You can delete anger, irritation, worry and depression from your life.

Through daily practice of the world’s easiest meditation program, you make friends with your mind. Anger, worry, irritation and depression will diminish and fade away. And the really cool thing is, you don’t have to do anything more than sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes every day. No guru worship or mental gymnastics.

#11 – You sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

As a result of learning to observe your thoughts, you can handle the racing mind that wakes you in the middle of the night. “I noticed a marked difference in my ability to sleep through the night after only a couple of weeks on your program,” said Diane S. Diane’s experience is common. Your mind no longer keeps you from relaxing and getting the sleep you need.

#12 – You laugh more easily and more often.

As you calm down, your sense of humor and patience emerge. This new you is magnetic, attractive and fun. Your friends and co-workers will be so happy that you’ve made peace with your mind.

“I used to curse everyone on my daily commute, but in the first two weeks of your program, I became a patient driver. Now, rather than cursing everyone, I bless them. When I get to work I’m relaxed and calm, not worn out and ready to kill someone,” said Rebecca S.

#13 – You focus and concentrate impeccably.

When your mind is clear of distracting self-talk, you can focus and concentrate like never before. You see solutions where before you only saw roadblocks. Because of this you will get more done in less time.

#14 – You recover your energy from painful relationships.

We give you an effective tool for recalling your spirit from unresolved relationships. As you become whole, you will find the joy that is uniquely yours. And you will start attracting healthy relationships.

#15 – You have plenty of time.

Meditation takes a little bit of time – a very little bit: 20 minutes is less than 2% of your waking hours. However, the practice of meditation actually makes time.

Anger, irritation, anxiety and depression all take time, mostly in infinitesimal snippets. You waste a lot of energy on these emotions. When you eliminate those negative conditions (see #10 above), you get all that time back.

But not just the time, you get the energy back, too. As a result, you have plenty of time and energy to do the things you want to do.

#16 – You will love your life!

The greatest benefit of The Meditation Course is that you will, indeed, love your life! As a result, everything in your world improves. Not only that, it keeps improving until you are actually living a life you love. And that’s not all – it keeps getting better.

The benefits of meditation are cumulative, like compound interest that just keeps compounding. The longer you practice, the greater the benefits. In very short order, you love the way you feel.

Here’s a timeline of what to expect:

  •  In one month, you can make your daily commute with peace and equanimity.
  • In two months, you can lower your blood pressure.
  • In six months, the negative self-talk will be gone and you will be rid of habitual anger, irritation and depression.
  • In one year, you will ignite your Inner Genius. Your mind will be a clear platform for productivity, creativity, focus, concentration and effectiveness.

Claim these benefits for yourself today!  Let’s Go!