Are You Tense and Uptight?


Tension deforms bodies; that’s why engineers design systems to eliminate or mitigate it. One of the ways they do that is through preventive maintenance. In the case of human bodies, preventive maintenance is self-care. How well are you caring for yourself?
Self-care is the key to health, happiness and longevity.

Your doctor can’t give you those things no matter how many pills and potions he or she prescribes. Quiet reflection is a primary ingredient of self-care, but most people overlook it because they can’t quiet their racing minds.

We understand what it is to face the courtroom of your thoughts, so we know what to do with them. Through a few simple metaphors Unleash Your Inner Genius (UYIG) neutralizes the boogey-man of your monkey mind. We’ve taught thousands of people to meditate, so we’ve heard every problem with technique or excuse for not meditating. And more importantly, we’ve found a way around them all.

A few minutes of daily thought-watching will transform your tension and uptight feelings to a sense of well-being and relaxation. In days, not years.

Our students have taught us how to overcome resistance, and we have built UYIG around that knowledge. That is the genius of our program – our focus on practice. That’s why we keep it simple, using metaphors and benefits to invite you to practice. UYIG takes meditation out of the realm of “should” or “ought” and makes it a “get-to.” We make it easy because if it’s hard, then you won’t do it.

Don’t know how to meditate?

Listen to the first lesson from UYIG by clicking the link in the right column. It has the instructions. You can read it, as well, by clicking the PDF link. Or take a break with the free five-minute meditation. (You’ll need to give us your email address first.)

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