Do You Ever Feel Depressed?


Depression disables your spirit by sucking the joy out of your life. Now, a life without joy may be worth living, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! When you’re depressed, every day is an emotional slog.

One definition of depression is out of control thoughts. Most times these thoughts are attacking your vulnerabilities. Since you know your vulnerabilities better than anybody, those depressive thoughts attack you where you are weakest. So, of course, they seem ferocious and make you feel worthless.

These thoughts bouncing around your cranium can occupy a spectrum that runs from dejection to wretchedness and despair. It expresses in moodiness, insomnia, irritation, binging and suicidal thoughts.

The Meditation Course shows you how to neutralize depression by bringing these depressive thoughts into high relief. When you get them out of the background where the unrelenting carping goes unnoticed because it is so familiar, you take the energy out of these beliefs. These thoughts are not “true” in any objective sense, they are just your conditioning and thus as near to you as your breath.

The thought-watching meditation we teach you in The Meditation Course shines the light of awareness on these conditioned beliefs. Nothing false can withstand that, and though your depressive thoughts and beliefs appear to be true, depression is false.

You have to practice watching your thoughts before your conscious mind wakes up to the hypnosis of your conditioning. That is the big benefit of doing our program; over 28 days we guide you in developing an effective meditation practice by sending you an audio file and a PDF every day.

We make it easy for you to succeed at meditation practice because we focus on the benefits of that practice, not on how to do complicated breathing techniques and mental gymnastics. The benefits of meditation are cumulative, which means that the joy you feel after 28 days is just the beginning of what is available to you.

When you unleash your inner genius, personal satisfaction and self fulfillment will be your default states. You will love your life. This enjoyment feels so natural you will forget you were ever depressed.

A word from Linda about severe, chronic depression

We want to emphasize the difference between depressive, sad thoughts and severe depression: thoughts of suicide, loss of interest in life, feelings that everyone would be better off if you were dead. Those thoughts are red flags.

You need help. I know, because I was there in 1997. I found a splendid therapist who helped me understand what was going on. I had to promise before she took me as a patient that if she deemed it necessary for me to use medication for this process that I would.

As it turned out, I didn’t need the drugs. However, my condition was so severe I would have done so. All that to say, that what we teach is quite valuable and a great tool for getting through debilitating depression. Just reaching out for help is a major step toward healing.

Combine treatment and what we teach in UYIG and you will master those out of control thoughts. You will become astute at weeding out these thoughts. You quickly learn that they are just thoughts. And you can change them. I did. Many others have.

And your therapist will so appreciate how this practice puts your treatment into overdrive.

You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer with depression. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a call to action, to getting well.

Don’t know how to meditate?

Listen to the first lesson from UYIG by clicking the link in the right column. It has the instructions. You can read it, as well, by clicking the PDF link. Or take a break with the free five-minute meditation. (You’ll need to give us your email address first.)


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