Do You Ever Feel Hopeless, Helpless or Out of Control?


You Do You Ever Feel HelplessEver Feel Hopeless, Helpless or Out of Control?

Is life an exhausting race to complete a never-ending to-do list? Do you sometimes feel trapped and overwhelmed by your responsibilities and obligations?

Maybe your life feels like a timed event, where you rush through one deadline so you can rush through the next item on your to-do list. Or maybe you rarely take a moment to savor your successes: a job well done, a family well-fed, a child well-loved.

Are You Rushing Through Life?

Rushing through life prevents you from appreciating all the things you accomplish. It also causes you to feel incomplete and out of control. As though your responsibilities control you, not the other way around—which is the way it should be. When your commitments control your decisions, you feel helpless.

Now, imagine this:

Daily meditation changes those hopeless, helpless feelings because contrary to everything in the known universe, meditation makes time. It is the coolest benefit we have found.

This benefit comes after some practice, but it is so rewarding that you will recognize that a few minutes a day is well worth it. The method we outline in the 28-day Unleash Your Inner Genius (UYIG) program is simple and practical—with dramatic results. We designed it specifically to neutralize your natural resistance to making long-term commitments.

When you watch or listen to your thoughts for a few minutes every day using our method, you learn to relax. Your relaxation is so inviting that you will look forward to it and be glad to do it. This simple, easy approach invites you to practice, unlike many complicated, guru-driven techniques and programs.

Over time, you develop a new way of relating to yourself. You gain control of your complaining mind. As a result you realize how naturally adept you are at your life—which gives you the feeling of being in charge. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness disappear and never return.

What a remarkable benefit for only a few minutes a day! The daily lessons in UYIG make it easy for you to create a meditation practice that works for you. As a result, you will feel satisfied with your life. You will also become more effective at everything you do

Don’t know how to meditate?

Listen to the first lesson from UYIG by clicking the link in the right column. It has the instructions. You can read it, as well, by clicking the PDF link. Or take a break with the free five-minute meditation. (You’ll need to give us your email address first.)


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