Do You Have an Inner Critic that Bad-Mouths You Every Day?


Just imDo You Have An Inner Criticagine if you talked to other people the way you talk to yourself: you’d probably lose your job, friends, customers and even your family. Maybe that’s already happened.

Think about this: Your inner critic is a vicious guest, there at your invitation. You give him (or her) admission, and yet your guest makes you miserable every day.

Meditation practice eliminates that vicious critic. This does not happen immediately, but in a fairly short time, its sting lessens. And in time, you show that guest the door.

Here’s How It Works

Spend a few minutes every day observing your mind in the way we outline in Unleash Your Inner Genius (UYIG), and you will learn what you are saying to yourself. At first you may only be aware that you are having the same body sensations you feel when someone criticizes or attacks you.

After more meditation practice, you will become aware of that inner voice (we sometimes call it the “bitch voice”). That voice is always ready to carp at you for petty mistakes. After still more time practicing meditation, you will actually hear the words and tone your inner critic uses with you. This is always enlightening.

Why? Because you realize that you have been saying horrible things to yourself (with a lot of heat!) every day for most of your life.

Here’s something to ponder:

With continued daily meditation, you will recognize the circumstances and people in your life that stimulate these reactions. With this new awareness, your negative internal dialogue will disappear, as will those people and circumstances.

Now this happens naturally as the result of meditating every day. It does not happen with intermittent meditation. Why? Because inconsistent practice produces inconsistent results. It is the daily practice of meditation that makes a difference. That is what we designed UYIG to accomplish. And…this is why we made it so easy…because we know that an easy method invites practice.

With the method we teach in UYIG you will have a friction-free relationship with your mind. Imagine a life where you don’t beat up on yourself…or being able to stop the fight before you knock yourself out

Don’t know how to meditate?

Listen to the first lesson from UYIG by clicking the link in the right column. It has the instructions. You can read it, as well, by clicking the PDF link. Or take a break with the free five-minute meditation. (You’ll need to give us your email address first.)


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