Do You Have Anxiety and Worry About the Future?


Do You Have AnxietyEver notice how anxiety seems to constrict your diaphragm and prevent you from taking a deep breath? Being apprehensive about the future sucks all the joy out of the present. It destroys your peace of mind while it ruins your sleep. You can’t live with that kind of mental distress without debilitating consequences to your body and your relationships. Anxiety infects your happiness, like a virus. And worry, well, you know what they say about worry, it’s praying for what you don’t want to happen!

You don’t have to live like that! Follow the simple process detailed in Unleash Your Inner Genius (UYIG), and become present in your life. You will no longer fast-forward to the future and focus on the worst possible outcome. As a result, those emotions won’t ruin your life. And when you’re calm and balanced, you are able to handle anything that comes along. Go ahead, unleash your inner genius and banish worry from your internal landscape.

It is your practice of meditation that makes being present-centered possible, and it is our focus on practice that distinguishes UYIG from other programs. This focus on practice led us to keep our method simple, based in user-friendly metaphors.

For example, your mind is like a river or stream. It never stops; your mind thinks. That’s its function. All you have to do is bring yourself to the banks of your mind and simply observe or listen to the thoughts that flow by on your stream. No judging, criticizing or resisting any of those thoughts.

This thought-watching—not thought-stopping—quickly shows you that you are not your mind or thoughts or body. You experience yourself as the Observer of these things. This detachment is psychologically liberating.

UYIG is completely benefit-driven; no “should” or “ought” to raise resistance. Instead of sending you a book or DVD, we email you a lesson a day with an MP3 and PDF download every day for 28 days. Each MP3 includes a timed meditation period with surf in the background – 5 minutes the first week up to 20 minutes in the fourth week.

With our program you get to practice meditation while you learn

Don’t know how to meditate?

Listen to the first lesson from UYIG by clicking the link in the right column. It has the instructions. You can read it, as well, by clicking the PDF link. Or take a break with the free five-minute meditation. (You’ll need to give us your email address first.)


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