Do You Have Trouble Sleeping Through the Night?


Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?Can’t sleep without a pill? Do you wake up feeling tired and foggy-brained? Do you need another pill to wake yourself up so you can make it to work? Maybe those pills aren’t the answer to your problem.

Even if you don’t take a pill to sleep, you may fall into bed exhausted, only to find yourself growing tense as your mind begins to race: Worries about your children, your job, or world events bedevil you. You toss and turn, watch the clock as the hours creep by. You know you’re not going to want to get up.

Or there’s the middle of the night wake up. You fall asleep quickly…then later your eyes pop open and all those worries spill out into your mind. That confrontation you had with your boss or a co-worker begins to play, over and over. “I should have said this and not that.” And on and on it goes as the minutes turn to hours of sleeplessness.

You’re certainly not alone. Millions of people are lying awake with you, all over the world. And a huge number of those are relying on drugs, hoping they will help. Unfortunately, too many people only wake up to an addiction, not a good night’s sleep.

Not a pretty picture…and not the road to optimal health.

From our first class, we were quite surprised at how many people reported problems falling asleep or staying asleep. The next big surprise was this consistent statement: “After the first week of following your meditation method, I slept through the night for the first time in years. That is a miracle!”

Over the years, we have heard this from someone in practically every class we’ve taught…consistently. Many students have been able to wean themselves off their sleep drugs, or reduce their dosage.

So, there is hope for you. And it’s ridiculously inexpensive. No prescription necessary, no expensive equipment, just spending a few minutes doing nothing. Especially before you go to sleep.

You can use what we teach any time of day or night. You can use it to fall asleep or get back to sleep…and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

What would a good night’s sleep—without pills—be worth to you? Restful sleep is only one of the many benefits waiting for you with Unleash Your Inner Genius

Don’t know how to meditate?

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