Dr. Tom Boldrey, QualityWorks ConsultingAnyone who has tried meditation knows about the resistance and the inner critic that shows up. Jon and Linda’s approach embrace these and other factors that get in our way. They believe mediation is not about enduring pain and pretending you are a human pretzel; it is about watching your thoughts. I am looking forward to learning from Jon and Linda for a long time. Their program not only exceeded my expectations, they are wise, gracious, and extraordinary ‘teachers.’ If you are even slightly interested in self-improvement, do not pass this opportunity by. I highly recommend Jon and Linda; you will too, I guarantee.

Dr. Tom Boldrey, QualityWorks Consulting
Business Consultant

Jeff and Karen FrittsMy wife and I learned the great daily practice of meditation from Linda and Jon Caswell. The results are powerful and occur almost instantly. The routine of stillness has become easy for us using their time tested methods. I was most encouraged by Linda’s clear urging that we could check our perfectionism at the door; there is no grade in meditation!

Jeff and Karen Fritts
Business Owners

I have found Linda and Jon’s course on meditation to be a huge help in my personal spiritual practices. Their instruction and inspiration, with clear descriptions and sound techniques, have taken the mystery and the difficulty out of meditation. As a result, I find it easy and rewarding to meditate practically every day, with great results.

Bob Schwaller

I bought your book for my Kindle Fire – and I LOVE IT! This is exactly the material I have been needing/wanting for where I am with meditation. I have been frustrated sitting in uncomfortable positions, trying to get to a Zen center every week, counting breaths, etc. Your method makes more sense for me and I can it do right here at home! This is just what I wanted. I am so grateful to find your book and website. Thanks to both of you for sharing all the wonderful wisdom you have about meditation.

Sara W.

Linda and Jon have an effective, sincere, and caring communication style.

It’s obvious that they’re speaking from a depth and breadth of knowledge and personal experience. I’ve been meditating for many years yet they were able to easily help me move to a higher level and get more from my practice, as well as make it easier and increase my motivation to meditate every day for longer periods of time.
Try them, you’ll like them and be very glad you did!

Jim Berrong

I highly recommend Linda and her partner, Jon, for their life skills classes. With their help I was able to make meditation a regular practice. Their practical approach makes it easy.

Ruth Martin

Dottie Gandy Linda is beautifully transparent. In other words, what you see is what you get. She lives her life and offers her work so that who she says she is and what she does are aligned.

Dottie Gandy
Business Consultant

Linda and Jon are down to earth, practical, and honest. The Unleash Your Inner Genius class was excellent. Jon and Linda have good insight on what has worked successfully based on their experience and at the same time they encourage you to determine what works best for you. I’m a big fan of any class that Linda and Jon teach. They are awesome instructors!

Tina Azamar

Raymond PocheI have known Linda and Jon Caswell since 2006 and have witnessed their journey into self-discovery. More impressive is my personal experience of their desire to share these gifts without regard for personal enrichment. When Jon or Linda told me they were launching their Unleash Your Inner Genius program, I knew it would be thoughtfully developed and rooted in their personal experience – I was not disappointed. In only two weeks after completing the course, my morning meditation has increased to 30 minutes and my shift in personal awareness is life altering. In Linda and Jon I see an amazing couple expressing themselves in a way that brings joy and value to my world. They model an affirmative response to the question, “yeah, but do they walk the walk?” I whole heartedly endorse this couple for the value they add to my life.

Raymond Poche