What We Are Not


What We Are Not

If you’ve been traipsing through websites looking for meditation courses, you have a sense of the non-western-ness of much that is out there. We don’t do that in Unleash Your Inner Genius.

In our program, you don’t have to change your name, your diet or learn a second language to sit in meditation.

You don’t have to be on a spiritual path or submit to a guru’s discipline. Our language is completely Western as we teach you how to unleash your inner genius. How that unfolds for you is completely customized to you, and you will not be disappointed by the results. We’ve never heard anyone say, “I wish I had never learned to meditate.”

This is not binaural technology trying to harmonize your brainwaves.

You don’t need audio headphones. We’ve done those programs and they proved to be expensive sleep aids; they did not produce, for us, the enlightenment promised. If enlightenment were a status that you could achieve, like earning a degree, then these pricey programs might get you there. But enlightenment is really a practice, the daily investigation into the way your mind works. Over time that produces an examined life and an examined life is worth living. Introspection produces insight. In Unleash Your Inner Genius you learn how to introspect.

We are not a quick fix for all your dysfunctions.

The genius of our approach is the way we integrate practice, because it is the practice of meditation that changes your life. When it’s strange and foreign it causes resistance. We make it easy, and that in turn, makes it inviting. You don’t have to sit just so or breathe funny. You don’t have to say foreign words or aim at states of consciousness you can’t pronounce. All that is required is that you spend a few minutes relaxing with your eyes closed every day. After a short time you will discover that you are actually quite good at that and you wouldn’t dream of missing a day because it provides such remarkable benefits. And even though Unleash Your Inner Genius is not a quick fix, you will feel better from the very first day.

We are not complicated.

There are no complex maps to follow to get to some mystical state. We introduce you to a practice that is exquisitely simple, and yet when practiced on an ongoing basis, it produces profound changes in the quality of your life.

Unleash Your Inner Genius is not religious.

We do not follow a guru or preach a scripture. Unleash Your Inner Genius focuses on easy-to-understand metaphors and benefits. We take meditation out of the “should” category and put it in “get-to.” And if meditation isn’t a get-to in your life, it won’t be an ongoing part of your life. That means you won’t get to enjoy the benefits that accumulate at the end of a long chain of practice.

Over the past decade, our students have taught us how the mind resists meditative practice, and we have designed Unleash Your Inner Genius around that knowledge. Because we listened to our students – and not a guru or a recording – our program is different than other programs. We found what works and made it into 28 daily lessons that will change your life forever.